2017 Reading Resolutions

I know what you’re thinking. Nathan mate, your last post was literally a half an hour rant about how you didn’t meet any of your resolutions last year, well, here we are, plot twist, here are my 2017 reading/bookish resolutions.

  1. Read Whatever The Fuck You Want – Last year as I discovered Booktube, blogs and everything else, I became very aware of a hell of a lot of books for the first time. People were discussing new releases, favorites, classics, etc and I thought, oh shit, I really don’t know much about any books at all. So I panicked thinking I was the worlds worst reader and that I needed to buy and read ALL THE BOOKS EVER. This was dumb. I ended up buying a lot of books I haven’t looked at since, that if left to my own devises I probably never would have encountered, and most certainly never have read. That kind of idea that I need to be reading what everyone else is and keeping up with the books everyone is talking about has very much floated off into the atmosphere and is no longer a factor for me. Booktube and book blogs are incredible sources of recommendations and reviews, and of course I’ll still be watching out for this type of content, but I won’t be trying to buy everything ever mentioned because if I don’t I’m the worst reading in the world and I might as well burn down a library with myself inside (sorry, that went very dramatic very quickly). Basically, I’m going to read what I feel I’d enjoy, because I WANT TO READ IT not because I have to. Putting pressure on myself reading wise is going to be a running theme throughout this I can see it now.
  2. Do Not Make Unrealistic Goals For Yourself – This is one that sums up pretty much all of my 2016 resolutions. Like ‘Read 60 Books’ WHAT THE FUCK NATHAN. There are only 52 weeks in a year when on average do you EVER read more than one book in a week?! Honestly I’d like to time travel to the year younger version of myself who wrote that and throw 60 books at his head one by one until he realises how outrageous he was. I mean, uni finishes next year, maybe I will be able to read a huge amount of books, but I don’t be stressing myself out about a goal and not meeting it. This year saw me reading awful graphic novels just so I could add one to my read list like I was in some kind of race and competing like WHO THE FUCK CARES HOW MANY BOOKS YOU READ NATHAN CALM YOURSELF DOWN.
  3. Do Not Be So Precious About Books – My books stay EXACTLY the same from when they’re bought to when they are read and put back on my shelf. No corner is turned, no spine is cracked, they are perfect little soldiers lined up in rows. WHY. Why do I make myself uncomfortable whilst reading for the sake of breaking the spine of a £6.99 paperback? And WHY OH WHY do I keep every book ever. If it was trash, and I didn’t enjoy it, it just goes BEHIND THE OTHER BOOKS. Why? What is this corpse of a crappy novel staying on my shelves for? Hidden behind it’s stronger brothers like the runt of a litter, no, they’re out. I won’t be keeping every book I’ve ever bought anymore, because that my friend is not practical in a two bedroom flat in which my boyfriend is acutely aware is slowly being taken over. In short, if books get fucked up it doesn’t matter as long and they’re readable, and any books I don’t like or don’t want anymore will be OUT.
  4. Continue Using The Library – Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been using the library quite a bit this past year. I’m not saying I used to effectively, but I used it. I mainly used it for the point raised in number 1, to get hold of that new release everyone is talking about so I can read it NOW BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE IS OVER IT AND I’M AN IRRELEVANT FOOL. Reality is you’ve always been an irrelevant fool Nathan sit down. I’d like to use the library as a source of FREE BOOKS. I mean, I just walk in, flash a card, and I own (for the next three weeks at least) a shit load of new books. What isn’t to love about that? I’m not someone who likes to splash a huge amount of cash at new books (because what even is council tax really I mean do I need to pay it or can I please just go to Waterstones instead?!?!), so the library is a person resource for me. My local one is absolutely tiny, but I can order books in online for like 10p so there really is no excuse not to fully take advantage.
  5. Stop Trying So Hard (You Fake Fuck) – Well, yeah. Honestly in 2016 I tried so fucking hard to become Book Blogger/Tuber/Instagramer/Tweeter OF THE FREE WORLD. I followed account after account hoping for a follow back, I made SHIT blog posts like ‘Quote of the Week’ scouring Google for a fucking life affirming quote from a book I’ve never read by a guy I’ve never heard of, I went to the library and took out a butt load of newish and popular books JUST SO I COULD DO A TBR/HAUL. Just so I had something to talk about on my channel. Just so people wouldn’t think that I’m that douche still trying to get through the 10 books I said I wanted to read last month but have no desire to open. I had a resolution of reading a classic every month, wanna know a secret? I’VE NEVER READ A CLASSIC I ENJOYED. Wuthering Heights was OKAY but I mean STOP WHINING (I saw in a post of 100% whine). So yup, this year I’m going to just chill my book bean, read at my own pace, read the books I genuinely want to read, and just relax, because I’ve come to the realisation that numbers on a screen have nothing at all in life to do with my enjoyment of a book. If people like my content, then they like it, but it’ll be genuine and from me because I wanted to create it, not because I feel I have to.

As you can see, my resolutions are basically ‘Do not do anything you did in 2016’. I also aim to be more consistent in my blogging and vlogging but honestly if I vanish for months on end it is simply because I haven’t read anything or that I have nothing to say. My blog might even evolve next year into content not book related because I might (heaven forbid) never feel like picking up a book again in my life You just don’t know. But yeah, by the end of 2016 I had a lot of realisations about myself and what I was up to and now that I’ve addressed them I feel really excited about the year to come.

Let me know how you got on with your resolutions this year below, and until next time, happy reading guys.


BookTube & Blogging | My Future (Semi) Plan

Hello guys!

First of all, as always, I will start by saying how sorry I am to have been so neglectful of my blog recently, but I have a semi-justification/excuse, I recently started my own YouTube channel based around my reading and lots of bookish things. Now, that is not to say that I am abandoning ship on the blogging front, quite the opposite. Let me talk you through what my plans are and what you can expect from both my blog and my channel in the future.

(Check out my channel here – AWALKIN2THEWILD)


I adore having this blog, I love that I have an outlet to write and review and post whatever the hell I want and that I have you wonderful people here to read my random ramblings, and I loved reading your comments and checking everyone else’s blogs out. For the past few months, with exam season at university, and the beginning of my channel on YouTube, I have become very neglectful of it, and posted very little in the way of content. This is hopefully about to change. I love having a YouTube channel, and devoting my content to literature, but I am by no means a ‘YouTuber’, I have no skills in the ways of editing, set dressing, lighting etc, I am just a bloke in a bedroom, but I am what I am. These videos are fun for me to watch, but I don’t think that reviewing books on camera is something I want to do, at least not full length reviews, which is why I am going to be dedicating this blog and most of its posts to full length reviews of the books I read. I want to post a review of EVERYTHING I read, because I was to chronicle my thoughts and feelings of each book not only for people to read but for myself to look back on and remind myself of. So my blog posts from now (until I change my mind) will largely be based on book reviews. Any of the future haul posts etc that I have done in the past may continue, but on the whole this blog will mostly be a blog of reviews. I hope that’s okay! That being said, I plan on changing the way in which I write my reviews, not completely, but I feel that my reviews in the past haven’t really said everything I wanted to say, or been as brutally honest as they could have been, so I will be a ruthless book bitch probably quite a lot.

YouTube –

I have only had my channel on YouTube for three weeks, but already I’ve met so many incredible, like-minded people who I respect and love their content. YouTube, much like this blog, is such a wonderful way to make reading and books a social and friendly thing. I love the way it allows us to develop discussion and thought provoking content. I have always been a fan of YouTube, ‘BookTube’ more recently, about the same time I started this blog, and I enjoy it so much. My channel is very much still in its early stages, like I said, my videos aren’t edited yet, the lighting makes me resemble Caspar the Friendly Ghost, and you can see from the few videos I have that my thumbnail creating skills are still very much in development. That being said, I am very excited for the future of my channel. I want my channel to become an extension of my blog, with my blog having in-depth reviews, and my videos being a fun accompaniment, in which people can watch me stumble through hauling the videos I’ll be reviewing soon, or have a little fun with some tag videos. I have already met a couple of people via YouTube who I am so excited to do read-a-longs and fun things with in the future, and although small for a YouTube channel, my subscribers have delighted me with comments and kind words, I never even expected anyone to watch a video, like when I started this blog, I expected to just be rambling into the ether.

So those are my semi-plans for my blog and my channel. If you have any questions, or any video/blog post suggestions, please do let me know in the comments below, or just say hi, I love a friendly face and would like to check out many more of your blogs. Until next time (which WILL NOT BE TOO FAR IN THE FUTURE), happy reading 🙂


My watch hasn’t ended 

Catch the Game of Thrones pun there? I am honestly so beyond happy that the series is back..anyway..as I was saying.

I haven’t abandoned you all, nor have I abandoned books. I am currently in the last couple of weeks of my second year with university and I have ALOT to get done/revise at the moment. But rest assured I shall be back to my old blogging self once it is all over for the summer.

Quick update though – I am currently, slowly but surely, when I get a few spare moments, reading Stone Matteress by Margaret Atwood, I have two short stories left to go and I’m really enjoying her work. I am also in such a fantasy mood thanks to the return of Game of Thrones so I will have to drive straight into the genre as soon as I have reading time!

Until then, happy reading one and all 🙂 


Here are a few of the LGBT themed books I want to read in the near future…

A Single Man – Christopher Isherwood

A Work In Progress – Connor Franta

Brokeback Mountain – Annie Proulx

Middlesex – Jeffrey Eugenides

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit – Jeanette Winterson

Please, if you have any suggestions, add them in the comments below, I really want to read more gay literature this year.

Fantasy – Books/Series I Want To Read

From a very young age, the fantasy genre is one that has captivated me more than any other, be in with books, films, or television. For example, as a child, other than being completely obsessed with Harry Potter, I was also into ANYTHING with magic, dragons, that sort of thing. Growing up, my love of fantasy hasn’t waned in the slightest, with things like Game of Thrones (both books and television series), and the work of Neil Gaiman. That being said, I thought it would be interesting to have a little run down of the fantasy novels and series that I would like to get to in the near future.

Fantasy can be quite daunting,  with some series having many books within them, and the books aren’t exactly short, but once you push past the doubt and make the leap into what ever fantasy world you’re reading, it is well worth it so far from my experience. So, here are some of the fantasy books and series I’d like to read in the near future.


I read The Hobbit a couple of years ago, in fact it was one of the first books I read since childhood, in my quest to get back into reading as an adult. I had heard mixed things about Tolkien’s work, with many saying he was far too descriptive. I really enjoyed The Hobbit, it was a lovely introduction to the world and the kinds of characters and creatures within it. I fully intend to attempt the first book, The Fellowship of The Ring this year at some point, and hopefully I’ll enjoy that as much as I did The Hobbit.


I am one of the rare creatures of earth who have yet to read a Robin Hobb novel. When I heard about this trilogy I thought it sounded like something I would love. I have read off too many people not for it to put me off, that Hobb’s first trilogy, The Farseer Trilogy isn’t as good as the rest of her work so I think I’ll skip that and go straight to Liveship. From what I know already, all the books from Hobb take place in the same world, but this trilogy can be read as a  standalone without missing out on any important details. Also..SHIPS AND DRAGONS..YES PLEASE.


Having already read the first installment, A Game of Thrones, and being half way through the second, I have no excuse for not having continued on with these books. Sometimes I think their size is off putting, with A Clash Of Kings being 800+ pages, that at one point I decided to have a break for some shorter fiction and never returned, but I will! The TV is back this month which is the perfect opportunity to get back into this world and get the books finished before George R.R. Marin publishes the newest installment.


I find Neil’s work, what I’ve read of it, incredibly addicting and intelligent, he has such a way with words and plot that you cannot help but fall in love with his characters and his stories. I have only read two of his books so far, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and Trigger Warning more recently, so I am very excited to have a go at reading more of his novels and short story collections. I am most looking forward to both American Gods and Stardust.


I have had this collection in various forms throughout the last ten years or  more of my life and yet I still haven’t read it. I picked up Northern Lights has a kid a few times but never pushed past more than a few chapters. This series is one I KNOW I’ll love and enjoy a ridiculous amount, and for my birthday last year I got the stunning Everyman’s Library edition so now I have no excuse, this WILL be read VERY soon.


I know it would take me a billion years from start to finish, and I don’t even know anything about the plot or what the series is even about, but I’ve heard too many good things about this series not to give it a go some day. My local library has every book in the series APART FROM THE FIRST which is beyond annoying so I’ll have to get that bought soon so I can delve in. I hope I really enjoy it because I’ve never had a long standing fantasy series outside of Harry Potter with so many books to look forward to!


I want to read this purely because I’ve never read anything by Terry and I find that to be quite a sin from a fantasy fan. Maybe it’ll encourage me to read all the Discworld novels, and if so, given this list so far, I’ll be reading nothing but fantasy for the next decade or so, which doesn’t sound all too bad ahah.


Having read his Legion books as an easy introduction to his writing, I CANNOT WAIT to get started on some of his more fantasy based stories! I’ve had The Final Empire for a while now so I might have to pick that up once I’ve finished The Name of the Wind. I’ve heard nothing but adoration for his work and I’m so excited to expand my reading of his novels.

Book Review: Legion – Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson

GoodReads Rating – 3 Stars

This book is the second installment of Sanderson’s Legion books. I enjoyed this one, not quite as much as the first, but still enjoyed it nonetheless. I love how Sanderson uses his character, Leeds, and intertwines him with the aspects (imaginary people who re made up of his knowledge and memory).

Again, like the first one, there was the religion aspect involved that I don’t like in books, but it was minimal enough that I could see past it. The beginning of the sorry was a little off putting, a lot of science talk that probably went straight over my head, but once I got past that hump, I really got into the narrative. These books would make an incredible long running series, I hope Brandon Sanderson plans to write more of Stephen Leeds’ adventures in detective work. He has build an interesting network of characters here that could really go to some interesting places. And without ruining anything, WHAT ABOUT HER HUSBAND SHOWING UP!?

Overall this book was enjoyable, I’ve enjoyed this series as an introduction into Sanderson’s writings, and it has encouraged me more to finally pick up The Final Empire which has sat on my shelf for far too long now. Sanderson is an incredibly clever author, and I look forward to delving into his fantasy worlds in the future.

You can find my review of the first Legion book here 🙂