2016 – Wrap Up

2016. What a year. She really wasn’t joking was she…

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But lets not dwell on all that messy stuff we saw, we are here for the books! (Or lack there of).

2016 was very much a rollercoaster year when it came to my reading and the amount I read. I kicked off the year really excited about books, I had just started really getting into this blog, I was considering a Youtube channel, I ate, breathed and slept thinking of books and book related content. I did alright, I set myself a GoodReads goal of 50, I was working my way through the ‘Around the World in 52 Books’ challenge list and really enjoying that. I was on fire.

Then summer came, I had shed my second year of my Open Uni course, which meant the text books were packed up (I wanted to set them alight at dance around it but I needed them to revise goddamnit), and I was free to read whatever I liked. I took part in the Book-Tube-AThon, in which I think I read five books in a week, which..what? How? Who was that person? I read many novels, I was interacting with other Booktubers and bloggers, really getting into the swing of the community and loving my bookish life.

Then, Summer went away.

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The days grew shorter in the blink of an eye and suddenly I found myself drowning in children’s literature theoretical essays, stylistics texts, and all the not-so-fun things that came with my third year modules starting. This year is so intense compared to the previous two. Also you’re technically only meant to do one module a year but I want my degree in three years like a normal human being so I’m taking on twice the work load of the average OU student (don’t worry, I don’t deserve your sympathy, I brought this on myself. You played yourself Nathan). So basically since September I have had no time to read anything other than course related texts, thus bringing my flying reading start to a screeching halt. To be honest with y’all I have two essays due in the first week of the new year and I only have two days off over Christmas (eve and day of) so I have no business exerting energy into this subject now but I need to just not think about that or I’ll never pick another book up again as long as I live.

So Nathan, blah blah blah no one cares about your reading failures, lets get to the wrap up!

Here are a few little stats about my reading in 2016 (please note these numbers do not include any university based reading) –


I thought this would be a challenging but realistic goal. Almost a book a week, and I am not the fastest reader in the world let me assure you of that.


Only 11 off the goal, not too shabby if I do say so myself. I honestly think I could have reached my 50 goal if I hadn’t grossly underestimated the lack of free reading time I’d have once the summer break was over


Short Story Collections – 4

My favorite of which was Carys Bray’s Sweet Home 

Classics – 5

I had set myself the goal of reading a classic a month, that didn’t work out quite the way I planned but I’m still five classics down! 

Poetry Collections – 2

Not many at all, but I’m very much a beginner when it comes to poetry, and the two collections I read this year were absolutely haunting and beautiful. 

Graphic Novels – 6

Not gonna lie, apart from Saga which I enjoyed, I think I just tried to fire through some graphic novels to get my goal count up because I’m a dirty rotten cheat and I panicked when I saw what was going to happen uni wise.

I completely forgot until I remembered I set myself a classics challenge, I made a blog post about my 2016 resolutions! Lets see how I fared –

  1. Read at least 60 books – It seems I was very optimistic and then chickened out when it came to setting the GoodReads goal
  2. Update my blog at least twice a week – HAHAHAHA
  3. Have a monthly TBR – I tried for Jan/Feb, didn’t like not just picking up a book in the moment
  4. Have a monthly wrap up – HAHAHAHA
  5. Spend more time when writing a review – I think I reviewed 10% of the books I read this year…spend ANY time would have been more appropriate
  6. Use a TBR jar every month – My TBR jar now contains caster sugar
  7. Read every book I own in 2015 in 2016 – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  8. Read a classic a month – 5/12 not too bad, not too good either
  9. Re-read Harry Potter – I read the illustrated edition of P’s Stone if that counts
  10. Finish The Song Of Ice And Fire series – HAHAHAHA 1.25 books down
  11. Be more active within the book blogging community – I abandoned you all I’m sorry
  12. Visit more book shops – Nope.
  13. Use the library more often – I actually did this! Quiet a lot in 2016
  14. Go to a book festival – 😦
  15. Don’t worry so much – I’m a 3rd year student I do nothing but.
  16. Read for ME – I’m very much down for this idea still, still working on it, I find I slip sometimes but I’m getting better.

Right this wrap up is very much all over the place. I’ll wrap up this wrap up with a list of a few faves from the year –

Favorite Book –

Image result for reasons to stay alive

Favorite Fantasy –

Image result for the name of the wind

Favorite BookTube Channel –

Image result for youtube logo

Honestly I wouldn’t stand a chance choosing just one. I’ve discovered so many content makers in 2016 and I am so excited for what they come up with in the new year

Right I’ve rambled enough. I hope you had a wonderful year, have a beautiful christmas, and an incredible new year.

Fun idea if you’re planning on drinking this new years eve, read this post again and every time I cry about the fact I’m a student, take a shot. I can guarantee intoxication by 1/4 of the way through.

Thanks for an amazing year guys! And I’ll see you all in 2017.


6 thoughts on “2016 – Wrap Up

  1. I think accomplishing what you had this year is pretty impressive especially considering your intense course regimen. I also had a lot of goals coming into 2016 and quite a few of them didn’t pan out that well. There’s always 2017 though!

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  2. This post has pretty much just summed up my life, summer was great. Shedding those second year books like you say and thinking YAY I CAN READ AGAIN?! Now its like third year and the pressure is on, I’ve got 2 essays in for the first week in january as well and I feel like everything is just piling on top of me and i’m drowning but i’m forcing myself to at least read one book I want to read because frankly I would be going insane without some time for myself!

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    1. nathannnnnjames

      I feel your pain completely! I’m half way through two books and I’m determined to finish one before the year is through! Good luck with your essays!!!


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