Reading & Homosexuality

Okay, so this is a completely random idea that popped into my head when I finally got around to watching some YouTube videos about books (BookTube videos as they are better known) for the first time since I got bogged down in the mundane life of a third year student.

It has always been apparent to me, even though I cannot be certain of this as to collect the appropriate facts I would have to scour the internet for every book related video on the internet and honestly I have dedication issues when it comes to minor projects so that one is just a non-starter, that the majority of the content on BookTube is created by women. Now this is by no means a complaint, those ladies are making incredible content and are fascinating people, this realisation was more a case of me thinking ‘I wonder if there are any other males watching and creating content of this kind’. And of course there are, I’m just a small fish in a very big pond of male BookTube creators who are blogging and vlogging about their literary adventures.

Now, I had answered my own question, there may be a female majority in the creators of bookish content, but there are definitely some guys out there too. That’s it…curiosity cured.


Here is the thing, and I don’t mean that I’m stereotyping or discriminating or whatever offensive things that might be construed about what I’m going to be saying (because even as I type I barely know what I’m saying), but as I began to discover the other men of this community, it became more and more apparent to me that most of these lovely guys just happened to be gay. I’ll list some videos here so you can get a feel for what I’m describing appallingly (and please content creators let me know if you want your link removing for any reason) –

George Lester’s A to Z of LGBT Books  – George gives a beautifully creative and informative run down of some of his favorite LGBT novels and non-fiction reads. George is a lovely man whose content about all bookish things are hilarious and wonderful.

Simon Savidge’s 8 LGBT Books for the Summer – Simon lists some books inspired by Pride Week 2016 to read over the summer months. Simon is an incredible content maker, currently producing a book every day in December for vlogmas, as well as consistently uploading fascinating literary themed videos.

LeeReader’s Rainbow Flag Book Tag – Lee is an avid reader and a huge supporter of LGBT fiction and representation, in this particular video he creates a lovely inventive tag in which he asks book based questions all relating to a colour within the gay pride flag.

Now obviously it isn’t just gay men who talk about LGBT books and themes and what not on BookTube but these three gents are just a few examples of the kinds of guys you can find within this community (as well as little old me). Nor am I just assuming these fine gentlemen are gay purely because they feature LGBT books on their channels, all are opening gay and have referenced their sexuality in their videos themselves. 

Now that was a very long winded way of explaining what I mean that the majority of men creating book based content on Youtube are homosexual (from my experience). Like I said before, there is no way of me knowing exactly now many men are out there discussing books online and what percentage of them are gay. Maybe because I’m a gay man myself within the community, that is the reason I gravitate towards these specific people rather than straight men instead of the facts being that there are just less of them out there. I know that men are the minority in this sect to begin with, I have been mentioned in Twitter on more than on occasion in reply to someone actively seeking out other male Booktubers because they couldn’t find any of us to begin with.

This idea, because I’m an over-think-this-to-death kind of guy, produced many a question into my nosy and curious brain.

  • Do gay men read more than straight men?
  • Do straight men not discuss their reading so openly as gay men?
  • Are straight men embarrassed by reading?
  • Is reading over all considered a feminine past time?
  • Am I just not looking hard enough?

These are all questions I couldn’t find the answers to. When Googling ‘Gay Men vs Straight Men Reading’ I was met with…



…and many other religious results which didn’t answer my question at all.

I do follow a couple of straight men that have wonderful BookTube channels, who I discovered through my incessant scouring of the internet, and I am in no way discrediting their content because their videos are wonderful, I just want to know why I have experienced such an weighted balance towards homosexual men opening discussing books and reading.


Maybe this is just an over thinkers ridiculous ramble, or maybe I have uncovered something that hasn’t been widely discussed, I dunno, enlighten me, please.





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