I Came. I Read. I Didn’t Conqure

Well, look what the procrastinating, over worked, under slept, under-read cat dragged in.

Hi guys, remember me? I used to read, blog, and vlog about books.

I could spend hours just raining down on you the reasons in which I haven’t been present, why I haven’t uploaded a video or a blog post or so much as an Instagram picture in months, but I won’t bore you with the laborious details.

The short story is, final year of university happened


Third year is super intense, and I don’t utilise my time well at the best of times, so trying to balance that and having any ‘reading for pleasure’ (what is that? is that a German dipping sauce? I don’t recall that) time is absolutely impossible. I started the year well, with a decent goal of 50 books, and I was hurtling towards that finish line. I had set up a book blog dedicated twitter/Instagram/Youtube channel. I was making connections with people and taking part in tags and all those sorts of things, but then it all came crashing down after the summer. The reality set in, and I had to abandon this ship to then board on in which I spend my days bouncing from deadline to deadline flailing, winging my way through assignments and text books and just about keeping myself from going over board.

But I have not forsaken you.

I will return.

I’m slowly getting ahead with my university work (it only took me three years), I’m slowly getting organised and balancing my life, I’ve had a 2017 diary since early November so you know I mean business.

I’m hoping to get fully back into the swing of things, and create lots more book related content, as well as branching out into other relevant parts of my life, I mean…CAN WE TALK ABOUT WESTWORLD FOR A MINUTE?!

But yes, I am here, I’m still reading and watching. I’m sat here watching Booktubers going Vlogmas thinking, I couldn’t upload a video in four months BUT YOU’RE UP HERE BLASTING OUT DAILY…D-A-I-L-Y VIDEOS?! I want you to share with me what magical creature cast this magic on you to make that possible. But yes I’m here, silent but most certainly not deadly (I son’t get enough sleep these days to be anyone’s assassin. And be assured, that if you’ve stuck with me, you will see me rise from the ashes of 2016 like a majestic phoenix, but until then, I hope you’re all having a wonderful December.



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