BookTube & Blogging | My Future (Semi) Plan

Hello guys!

First of all, as always, I will start by saying how sorry I am to have been so neglectful of my blog recently, but I have a semi-justification/excuse, I recently started my own YouTube channel based around my reading and lots of bookish things. Now, that is not to say that I am abandoning ship on the blogging front, quite the opposite. Let me talk you through what my plans are and what you can expect from both my blog and my channel in the future.

(Check out my channel here – AWALKIN2THEWILD)


I adore having this blog, I love that I have an outlet to write and review and post whatever the hell I want and that I have you wonderful people here to read my random ramblings, and I loved reading your comments and checking everyone else’s blogs out. For the past few months, with exam season at university, and the beginning of my channel on YouTube, I have become very neglectful of it, and posted very little in the way of content. This is hopefully about to change. I love having a YouTube channel, and devoting my content to literature, but I am by no means a ‘YouTuber’, I have no skills in the ways of editing, set dressing, lighting etc, I am just a bloke in a bedroom, but I am what I am. These videos are fun for me to watch, but I don’t think that reviewing books on camera is something I want to do, at least not full length reviews, which is why I am going to be dedicating this blog and most of its posts to full length reviews of the books I read. I want to post a review of EVERYTHING I read, because I was to chronicle my thoughts and feelings of each book not only for people to read but for myself to look back on and remind myself of. So my blog posts from now (until I change my mind) will largely be based on book reviews. Any of the future haul posts etc that I have done in the past may continue, but on the whole this blog will mostly be a blog of reviews. I hope that’s okay! That being said, I plan on changing the way in which I write my reviews, not completely, but I feel that my reviews in the past haven’t really said everything I wanted to say, or been as brutally honest as they could have been, so I will be a ruthless book bitch probably quite a lot.

YouTube –

I have only had my channel on YouTube for three weeks, but already I’ve met so many incredible, like-minded people who I respect and love their content. YouTube, much like this blog, is such a wonderful way to make reading and books a social and friendly thing. I love the way it allows us to develop discussion and thought provoking content. I have always been a fan of YouTube, ‘BookTube’ more recently, about the same time I started this blog, and I enjoy it so much. My channel is very much still in its early stages, like I said, my videos aren’t edited yet, the lighting makes me resemble Caspar the Friendly Ghost, and you can see from the few videos I have that my thumbnail creating skills are still very much in development. That being said, I am very excited for the future of my channel. I want my channel to become an extension of my blog, with my blog having in-depth reviews, and my videos being a fun accompaniment, in which people can watch me stumble through hauling the videos I’ll be reviewing soon, or have a little fun with some tag videos. I have already met a couple of people via YouTube who I am so excited to do read-a-longs and fun things with in the future, and although small for a YouTube channel, my subscribers have delighted me with comments and kind words, I never even expected anyone to watch a video, like when I started this blog, I expected to just be rambling into the ether.

So those are my semi-plans for my blog and my channel. If you have any questions, or any video/blog post suggestions, please do let me know in the comments below, or just say hi, I love a friendly face and would like to check out many more of your blogs. Until next time (which WILL NOT BE TOO FAR IN THE FUTURE), happy reading 🙂



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