Booktubers I Love – Part 2

Welcome to another installment of Booktubers I Love Where I list three of my favorite Youtubers who mostly focus their content on books and reading. I love tons of Booktubers, and I last time I focused on my popular faves, so this time I’m going to let you all know about some of the lesser known names (under 5000 subscribers) who deserve some more recognition because their content is absolutely wonderful! (All photos copied from Good Reads).

Simon – Savidge Reads





Simon is an absolute delight to watch. His videos always contain some lesser known or brand new beautiful books that don’t get spoken about as often as most. He seems like a genuine, witty guy who just loves to read and shout about books. Simon also has one of the most amazing blogs in the world that I discovered when Carys Bray retweeted his review of her stunning short story collection Sweet Home, and the way he writes is reviews is definitely something that I aspire to for myself, he has such a stunning way of writing about literature.

I enjoy all Simon’s content be it from his channel or his blog, and although I only discovered his channel a week ago, he has quickly shot up to become one of my favorite people on Youtube.



George Lester



George strikes me as being one of a sweetest people on the planet. He is so wonderfully enthusiastic in all his content, and it is an absolute joy to watch him  discuss the books he is enthused by. George has a slightly focus on Children’s literature in most of his content, which is wonderfully refreshing when most channels begin to discuss the same books over and over again. Again, I only discovered George’s channel a few weeks ago but he is truly captured my bookish heart with his enthusiasm and passion.


Eric – Eric Karl Anderson


TWITTER (Sorry guys I couldn’t find Eric’s Goodreads profile)


Eric is another person who has a wonderful channel as well as an incredible blog. Eric reads a lot of books by authors I have never heard of, and I love that he introduces me to all these new writers and their work. His passion for books is contagious and I cannot help but throw everything he talks about on to my To Buy list. Eric recently inspired me to do the IBW tag after watching his wonderful video of himself doing it.


Last time was an all girl’s team, and this time we have all boys! I feel like male vloggers and bloggers are very few and far between, but these gents are all equally as talented and wonderful as any of their Booktube counter parts, and I recommend them to anyone interested in expanding their subscription box.



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