Just A Chat

Lets have a chat. Why not? Its my blog and I’ll chat if I  want to.

I’ve come to the realisation this year that I have become quite an independent and more rounded reader. I started this blog wanting to have a book blog, being influenced by other blogs and vlogs a little too much, making lists of YA books ‘I wanted to read’…but did I? Did I just choose that because it was something everyone was raving about, when in fact I had no desire to actually read it myself?

I can to this realisation when it came to me that I should write a blog post about the gay themed books I want to read, and I remembered that I had already made one last year when I was first starting this blog. I looked it up, and honestly, it lists five LGBT books, and only one of them I’m still interested in reading. The others are YA books and, maybe I wanted to read at the time, but aren’t even on my radar anymore. The one I still plan on reading is Brokeback Mountain, I’ll make a new post of LGBT books I want to read soon but yeah, that’s what brought this to my attention.

I obviously get book recommendations from these same sources, booktube videos and other book blogs, but I don’t force myself into thinking I should read everything that is being raved about. I watch and read reviews, and really assess the book before I try and read it. I’ve really gotten into short story collections this past month, so I’ve been looking around for suggestions of those, but I don’t dive straight in adding them to by wish list, I look them up, read a little about them, look at reviews, and then decide if they’re a book I’d enjoy.

Basically what I’m trying to say is I’ve realised that (although I haven’t always been), I’m an independent reader that don’t need no man *is sassy*


One thought on “Just A Chat

  1. I understand your point completely, whilst I do still write down books to try that other people are in love with so I can check them out at a later stage I find myself being less sort of judgmental on myself. For example if I read a book that was extremely loved and hyped about but I didn’t like it so much then I would think oh I must be wrong. Crazy right considering its all down to your own opinion and experience. Now I read whatever I want to read and I don’t worry if I don’t like a book everyone loves.
    Like you said – were strong independent readers who don’t need no man.
    haha! I’m looking forward to your new post of LGBT books 🙂

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