BookTubers I Love – Part 1

I have been absolutely loving Youtube over the past year, I first discovered ‘booktube’ around this time last year and the videos I saw on there are part of the reason I started this blog (because no one wants to see socially awkward me talking into a camera), and I have found some firm favorites. I thought it would be a nice idea to share a few of the channels I have discovered and highlight some of my favorites, so here are three of the Youtubers whom I love –





Mercedes is such a fascinating woman to watch. You can tell she isn’t one to hold back her opinion and I absolutely adore that. Her channel is full of hauls and reviews, which have caused many a book to be added to my Amazon wish list. She focuses on short story collections and fantasy quite a lot, which is great. Before watching her channel I had no idea just how many short story collections existed in the world!

One of my favorite videos of Mercedes’ is her review of A Little Life. I have never laughed so much at such raw honesty in my life, she even kicks the video off by stating ‘this is going to get bitchy’ which is the perfect way to start any review.

I very much enjoy her content, and look forward to her next bank balance destroying haul!



C. DuBois



Cinzia holds a special place in my heart. Her channel was one of the first I discovered when delving into the world of book related videos. She is one of the most intelligent and analytical people I have watched. Her reviews are fascinating, highlighting things about books that I would have never thought of.

Cinzia also posts other content, such as videos relating to self-esteem and her experiences with university and veganism. One of my favorite videos of hers is one in which she expresses her undying love for libraries, which inspired me to use my own local library, which I do now every week. She is a true gem, and a person I would love to take for a coffee and chat to for hours on end. Plus she lives in Edinburgh, my favorite city in the world, so she is instantly the coolest person ever.



Jen [245749]



Jen is the high-priestess of booktube. She was the first person I ever discovered in this neck of the Youtube woods, and has remained a firm favorite ever since. Her videos offer an array of content, reviewing and hauling poetry collections, picture books, non-fiction, literary fiction, short story collections…the list goes on. I have never come across a more diverse reader/content maker.

My favorite video of Jen’s is the Be A Good Human book tag, in which she lists all the books one should read to educate themselves on certain subjects that most certainly need to be read about. I also love any video in which she gets intensely passionate about what she is reading, such as her videos on His Dark Materials and Alice in Wonderland.

Jen was kind enough to let me interview her for this blog late last year and that can be seen here. She is a delight to chat to and a wonderful lady. Jen is also a published author, adding to her status of booktube royalty.




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