Book Review: Legion – Skin Deep by Brandon Sanderson

GoodReads Rating – 3 Stars

This book is the second installment of Sanderson’s Legion books. I enjoyed this one, not quite as much as the first, but still enjoyed it nonetheless. I love how Sanderson uses his character, Leeds, and intertwines him with the aspects (imaginary people who re made up of his knowledge and memory).

Again, like the first one, there was the religion aspect involved that I don’t like in books, but it was minimal enough that I could see past it. The beginning of the sorry was a little off putting, a lot of science talk that probably went straight over my head, but once I got past that hump, I really got into the narrative. These books would make an incredible long running series, I hope Brandon Sanderson plans to write more of Stephen Leeds’ adventures in detective work. He has build an interesting network of characters here that could really go to some interesting places. And without ruining anything, WHAT ABOUT HER HUSBAND SHOWING UP!?

Overall this book was enjoyable, I’ve enjoyed this series as an introduction into Sanderson’s writings, and it has encouraged me more to finally pick up The Final Empire which has sat on my shelf for far too long now. Sanderson is an incredibly clever author, and I look forward to delving into his fantasy worlds in the future.

You can find my review of the first Legion book here 🙂


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