Book Review – Trigger Warnings by Neil Gaiman

GoodReads Rating: 4 Stars

I was finally able to get back into some Gaiman this week! I am horrifically ashamed to say that, even though The Ocean At The End Of The Lane is one of my favorite books of all time, up until reading Trigger Warning I hadn’t read any other Gaiman! And OH MY GOODNESS I have been missing out.

Trigger Warning is the latest short story collection of Neil Gaiman’s, published last year. Having only ever read one other short story collection, and that being a classic for university, I was curious (and weary) of this new-to-me-genre, but I think I have found a new favorite! These short stories offered such an incredible range of Gaiman’s writing, from a short story based on the assembly of flat packed furniture, to  one written entirely in questionnaire answers, these stories took me to so many difference times and places and I fell in love with so many of them. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few of the stories that I felt either didn’t have enough substance to hook me, or one or two that went straight over my head, but overall I loved the way in which Gaiman created these worlds and characters what I fell in love with and that really stuck with me, even though they were less than 30 pages long.

My favorite stories from the collection were Orange, a story made up up entirely of questionnaire answers, The Sleeper and the Spindle, Gaiman’s twist on classic fairy tales Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, A Calendar of Tales, especially May and November, and The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains. Many of the stories have stayed with me, an I truly enjoyed this collection, and wish Neil would expand on a few of my faves into full length novels, but such is a curse of the short story.

I am really looking forward to delving deeper into Neil Gaiman’s work, in both his other short story collections, his novels, and his graphic novels. I would recommend this book as both a starting point into his work and into short stories as a whole. A very gripping collection that feels both magical, and sometimes painful.


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