Book Review: The Ice Dragon – George R.R. Martin

GoodReads Rating – 2 Stars

Let me start off by saying that I had no knowledge of this book prior to reading, which may have been why I didn’t enjoy it. My own preconceptions probably ruined this book a lot for me, so I shall explain…

This is a short story, with no reference to any of Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire world. It is a middle grade book, which I wasn’t aware of before picking it up, and maybe middle grade isn’t for me and I haven’t really read any as an adult. These two factors are probably what lead to my dislike for this book, as well as the fact that, with it being such a short story, I didn’t connect to Adara or any of the other characters. Adara seemed very cold (no pun intended) and disconnected from the other human characters in the story.

As a lover of fantasy, I was looking forward to huge battle scenes, magic, and all the other fantastical elements I have come to expect from Martin, but they never materialised. Maybe it’s because this book is aimed at children as to why it seems very tame and lacking in plot. I don’t blame George R.R. Martin for my dislike of this book, which is probably why two stars is a little unfair of a rating to give, but The Ice Dragon just left me wondering what a great story this could have been had it been meant for an older readership and taken to places Martin would usually take us in his writing.

I look forward to continuing with the Song of Ice and Fire series and Martin’s other works, but his middle grade story just isn’t for me I’m afraid.



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