Accidental Library Haul


I’m back, I’m sorry about to lack of posting, as usual, I have the same excuse, UNIVERSITY! I fell so far behind after the New Year and I’ve been working really hard to catch up and NOW I HAVE! Which means I can FINALLY start reading for pleasure again.

Today I popped into my local library to see if they had a copy of The Lonely Londoners which I need for the next part of my course, and obviously, I thought I’d just have a browse at the shelves whilst I was there. OOPS. I ended up leaving with a bag full of eight books. I was really pleased with the selection, as my library rarely gets in new books but today they had tonnes of  new(ish) books and I didn’t notice until I got home now many were the beautiful Vintage books editions which are stunning! Many I got out because of pure curiosity but some I’ve been meaning to read for years so I’m really happy with my finds!

IMG_4812 [105337].JPG

  1. Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

This is a classic I have had on my radar since school but I’ve never managed to get round to. This copy is absolutely STUNNING and is part of the Vintage Classics Bronte collection.

2. Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson

This book is part of my third year Children’s Literature course and it is also another classic I’ve always had my eye on so I took the leap and hopefully I’ll enjoy it was much as I love all my childhood pirate movies!!

3. Legion: Skin Deep – Brandon Sanderson

This will be my second Sanderson book. The first of which was Legion, this one being the second one in that series. I got Legion from the library too last year and I’ve been meaning to buy this for quite some time but it is a little pricey for such a small book but I was lucky enough that the library had it this time! Really looking forward to this as I really really enjoyed the first one! And its a nice small build up to reading Sanderson’s more lengthy fantasy books.

4. Lord of the Flies – William Golding

This is one that many people read in school but I never got the chance to. Another classic that I’d like to take on, this one I’ve never really thought about reading before until I saw it today and I think it was the colourful/pretty cover that swayed me into it (I’m such a sucker for a nice book cover).

5. Trigger Warning – Neil Gaiman

I am ashamed to say that I have only ever read one Gaiman book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and I have no idea why because that has to be one of my favorite books of all time. This one is a short story collection, I’ve been reading James Joyce’s Dubliners for university and that was my first shot as a short story collection, and I really enjoyed it! So a new genre for me to expand on, and why not take the chance of reading another Gaiman book while I’m at it?

6. The Ice Dragon – George R.R. Martin

No, I haven’t finished the Game of Thrones series, and no I haven’t picked it back up yet, but I couldn’t resist this one. Its a really small book (rare in the Martin world!) and I was really intrigued when I saw it. Also it’s full of illustrations which is always a plus! Not quite sure where in the world this is set but I’m excited to find out!

7. The Power of the Dog – Thomas Savage

Another Vintage Classic. I m a huge fan of Vintage’s YouTube channel, in which they discuss a book every week. This one was part of their #2016classicschallenge a few weeks back and when I saw it I thought I’d give it a go. I’m really behind with my classics challenge and have only read two so far so I need to get a few more under my belt if I’m going to succeed in reading 12 this year. This one I had never heard of until watching the video and I’m very intrigued to see how it pans out.

8. Ghostly – Audrey Niggenegger

Another short story collection, this time by the author of The Time Traveller’s Wife. I picked this up purely because I’ve heard so many good things about her work and it adds to my start into short stories! I’ve also never read a ghost story so I’m excited to see how I find them!


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