2016 Bookish Resolutions

I have decided to compile a list of New Year resolutions based on my book blog and my book reading habits. Hopefully I will stick to as many of these as possible and in turn enjoy reading in 2016 even more than I did in 2015.

  1. Read at least 60 books – This will be tracked via the GoodReads book challenge. I only really started getting back into reading at around July this year so I haven’t given myself a very large goal, I think it is about 40 this year, so I’m hoping to read at least 60, hopefully more, but we will see how that goes.
  2. Update my blog at least twice a week – Now, this is something that I want to take very seriously next year. I have loved blogging these last few months, and I really enjoy sharing my reviews and everything else that I feature on my blog. I have bought a blogging note book which I will use to take notes on any posts I want to do, any review notes I make, and to make a list of any posts that are scheduled to be posted. I’m hoping that being more organised with my blog planning that this will improve my content a lot (fingers crossed). My initial plans are to post every Monday and Friday but that might change depending on uni/work/life.
  3. Have a monthly TBR – I am someone who, after finishing a book, goes to my book shelf and just stares at it for ages without knowing which one to pick up next. I’m hoping that by having a monthly list of only about four books a month to begin with, will take away the confusion and overwhelming feelings of what to read next. Obviously I won’t be too strict with myself and I’ll allow myself to deviate from the list of I feel I want to and to read more books if I get through my TBR for that month, but I’m hoping it’ll be helpful in making me read more and get through my books that I have had chilling on my shelf for far too long now.
  4. Have a monthly wrap up – I want to start monthly wrap up posts in which I just list the books I have read each month and tell you a little about them and how I felt about them. Obviously these won’t be full reviews but I think it’ll be an interesting follow up from TBR posts to have a nice wrap up and the end of each month.
  5. Spend more time when writing a review – This is because I tend to finish a book, put it down, and then launch myself into writing a review straight after. I’d like to be more detailed and methodical when it comes to writing my reviews in the hope that this improves the content of them. I will be making notes on books throughout my reading in 2016 so hopefully that’ll help me produce more interesting and fun book reviews.
  6. Use a TBR jar every month – I recently made myself a TBR jar, the tutorial of which you can find here. I’m hoping to use this once a month just again to stop myself spending too much time over thinking which books to read next. In my monthly TBR lists I will kick them off with a selection from the jar and then choose the other books from my list after that.
  7. Read every book I own in 2015 in 2016 – Now that’s a mouthful. Basically what I mean is that by the end of 2016 I want to have read every book I own from this very moment, so not including any books I buy in 2016. This means that any books that have been sat on my shelves for far too long or any books I got in 2015 that I just haven’t gotten around to yet will be read and not just sit there on a shelve getting surrounded by more and more new books.
  8. Read a classic a month – I would love to read more classics, so in order to help me do this I will be having one classic in my TBR each month. I’ll start off small and see how I find that, maybe classics just aren’t for me but I wouldn’t like to say I haven’t at least tried to read some in 2016.
  9. Re-read Harry Potter – It’s been a few years now, so it is time I returned to Hogwarts in 2016.
  10. Finish The Song Of Ice And Fire series – These books, as you are probably are aware, are absolutely huge, but I love them and I need to finish them! I have been about half way through the second book for quite a while now and I put it down to read other things. It is the biggest book in the series so hopefully once I get through that one, the rest won’t feel so much like mountains I need to conquer. I’d also like to have read them before the latest in the series is released.
  11. Be more active within the book blogging community – Being a relatively new blogger, I’m not really sure how I go about this. I try to be active in that I comment and like other peoples posts, I interact with as many bookish people I can on Twitter, but I don’t really get involved enough. I’d like to really immerse myself into the community and see what else is out there waiting for me!
  12. Visit more book shops – My town has ZERO book shops. I get most of my books that I don’t buy online from supermarkets or charity shops, so I’d love to travel to some of the bookshops near and far and buy more books from independent book sellers.
  13. Use the library more often – This year I used my local library for the first time to help in my university studies and I fell in love with it. I have yet to start taking books out to read but this is definitely one of my priorities for next year.
  14. Go to a book festival – I have never been to a book festival and I see blog posts and Vlogs about them all the time so I would love to visit a book festival at some point in 2016. Hopefully one where I can meet some authors also because I’ve never met any authors of books that I read and love so that would be a beautiful bonus.
  15. Don’t worry so much – I am one of those people who worry. Every time I blog and no one looks at it, I worry. Every time I comment on a blog and they don’t reply, I worry. I need to STOP WORRYING. This is a wonderful tool for sharing my love of books and if people interact with that then that is wonderful, and if not, at least I enjoy doing it!
  16. Read for ME – I find myself sometimes feeling pressured when reading. Am I reading too slow? I’m reading too much YA fiction. I haven’t read enough classics. I don’t know what I’m talking about. STOP. 2016 is the year I read for me, and me alone, and then I’ll share my own experiences with others. I free myself of any reading pressure I may have encountered in 2015.

That is it for my list of bookish resolutions. I will do my utmost to try and stick to each and every one of them. Please do let me know what your 2016 resolutions are, be them bookish or not.

Happy New Year all. I hope you have a beautiful year in 2016.


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