Five Bookish Gift Ideas

  1. A Great Gatsby tote bag

gatsby bag

This would be the perfect gift for any book lover! This Great Gatsby bag, printed in the style of the original orange Penguin Books edition is available from HERE

2. Matilda Cushion

aw_matilda_book_c_open_l_0_005ba5ba5ba5ba_733_733 aw_matilda_book_c_inside_l_0_005ba5ba5ba5ba_733_733

This cute cushion would be the perfect gift for any Roald Dahl lover, for children or nostalgic adults alike. Find it HERE.

3. This beautifully delicate Jane Eyre necklace


This simple yet stunning necklace would be the ideal gift for any lover of the Charlotte Bronte classic! Get it from HERE.

4. A perfect personalised book


This website offers perfectly personalised books which would be a wonderful gift for any book lover. Let them be part of the story with classics, children’s books and many many more HERE.

5. The ULTIMATE book lover’s friend


A personal library kit! May you never lend a friend a book again only to realise two years later that you never got it back! Beat the borrowers HERE.


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