Writing From Prompts #1

Write 250 words inspired by the colours of the walls around you.

They’re not white. They’re not gleaming, bright bleached white they used to be. The room has faded with age, not just the walls, but everything held within them.

A layer of dust covers everything. It maps my footprints as I pace around the floor. Glistening specks fly into the air as I brush past the dull metal frame of the bed pushed back against one of the walls, taking up most of the room.

The air is thick, not with the dust, or with the sounds creeping in from the fractured window, but with something else. I don’t let this phase me. I’ve found what I came here for.

A shattered cabinet hangs from rusty screws to the left of the bed. I walk over, trying not to disturb too much of the room. Trying not to make too much noise.

I see the bottle labelled Acetaminophen, it’s almost empty, only a couple of doses left, and it looks as though it’s been in the cabinet for some time, but it’s the best I could wish for given the times. I stride closer, holding out a hand, trying to navigate my fingers through the shards of glass.

CRUNCH. The fallen glass under my foot cracks into slithers. The noise echoes through the room. Out of the crack in the window. I had been so careful, but now wasn’t the time to over think the situation.

BOOOOOM. I hear something down the corridor being thrown aside. They heard. They’re here. Shit.


I never write anything but I saw this on samgrayy44’s blog and decided to try it. It was very rushed and I probably edited out a little too much to keep fitting with the word count but I think that all writing is a learning process. I might make writing a more common thing. It’s something I enjoy but very rarely indulge in.

Comments would be very much welcome 🙂


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