Hi guys.

So yesterday I decided that I really needed to get to grips with my reading. Recently I’ve been feeling quite conflicted about the amount of books I own and not being able to choose a particular one from my pile to read, so I end up just not reading one! Which just doesn’t work for me!

I saw on Youtube that some people use TBR Jars to help them decide. This is essentially a luck-of-the-draw jumble of all your books that are currently to be read, and you simply pick one out at random and which ever you have chosen is the book you will read next.

I have decided that I will use my TBR Jar to decide what my first book of each month will be, and then following that, hopefully I’ll be able to make my own decision for the rest of the books I read that particular month.

Now, most people just list their books on scraps of paper which is fine, but I thought I’d make mine a little more fun by using the tiny book covers instead! Here is the quick and simple way I created my TBR Jar…

1. Simply copy and paste images of the books you want to put into your jar onto a document (I used Word).

Note – I have three copies of my His Dark Materials book in there because it is a collection of all three books!!

2. Print out your tiny covers, you can either use colour and black and white ink, the choice is yours.

3. Carefully cut out the covers. You could even laminate them if you have the facilities to make your covers look shiny and cool!

4. Once you have your covers all cut out, simply place them into your jar. I used a simply glass jar with a lid but you can used anything, from a lunch box o an old biscuit tin!

Give your jar a shake and there you have it, your very own TBR Jar!

If you like this idea or have your own way of making a special, personal TBR Jar then please let me know, I would love to see your creations too!


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