Book Review – Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

GoodReads Rating : 5 Stars

Apologies for my lack of content in recent weeks, I have been so so busy with work and university and just life in general that I haven’t had that much time to read…BUT, I did manage to squeeze in this beauty, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Ready Player One is literally one of the most enjoyable, fun reads I have had in such a long time. The whole way through I was picturing it like a movie in my head, the imagery and the action is so wonderfully written that you cant help but play out the events in your head and imagine exactly how the world unfolds as if it was playing on the big screen.

Ready Player One follows Wade Watts, a young man who lives in a dystopian future in which the world as we know it was decayed and everyone pretty much is poor and living the ghettos due to the collapse of the energy companies and the loss of natural resources such as fossil fuels etc. The only release Wade has from the world around him is the OASIS, a virtual reality game (think World of War Craft only a lot more intense) in which he goes to school, makes a living, and goes about his daily life in an attempt to block out the real world.

The story follows Wade in his quest to find the Easter egg, an object hidden within the game by its creator James Halliday, who in his will, states that who ever finds this egg first, gains control of the OASIS and his fortune/estate. Obviously shenanigans ensue and Wade is up against everyone else trying to discover the location of the Easter egg, including an evil corporation who seek out the egg to gain control of the OASIS for their own sadistic goals.

We have adventure, we have battle, we have love, we have death, everything you could ever wish for is in Ready Player One. Such an easy and quick read, I know Ready Player One will be one of my favorite books of the year, if not of all time. I very much enjoyed the world and the characters, being gripped from the moment I picked it up.

I hope to read more of Cline’s work in the future, and I hope that this is the start of a love affair with sci-fi books maybe? Who knows. Over all this book was a wonderfully crafted, and immensely fun novel, I could not recommend this more.


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