Book Review – You by Caroline Kepnes

GoodReads Rating – 3 Stars

You by Caroline Kepnes was the first selection for my book club and what a selection it was! I was lucky enough to find a copy that looked brand new in a charity shop for £2 which is always a bonus! Anyway, on with the review…

I’m not usually a reader of thriller or anything like that, I read Gone Girl which I enjoyed but didn’t love as well as American Psycho so this is pretty much a new experience for me. I did enjoy this book, I found the idea of telling a story about stalking from a stalkers perspective extremely creepy and immensely gripping. The idea that I could sympathise with this man or understand things from his perspective was interesting and quite worrying.

The story follows a man who becomes obsessed with a woman, who he then proceeds to follow around, hack her e-mails and basically trick into accepting him into her life.

I liked the story, like I said I found the idea very interesting. The thing that let it down for me was how convenient a lot of the things that went on in the story were, for instance this man works in a bookstore with a cage in the basement, or the girl’s friend happens to be related to a famous author, whilst the stalker works in a bookstore. It just didn’t seem organic to me, it seemed like all these elements were put there randomly to serve whatever came next in the story. It didn’t flow naturally.

Apart from that though I did find the story quite addictive and I had to plow through to find out what happened in the end (the ending was somewhat disappointing for me but I won’t spoil anything there), I just didn’t really feel like what happened happened because it would have been natural, it happened because it was shocking and things were where they were just to fit the story without making much sense.

All in all this was an okay book, I wouldn’t recommend this book if you’re easily offended by violence or erotic fiction, but if you’re after an easy thriller read then this might work for you.


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