5 Graphic Novels I Want to Read

I have very little experience in the world of graphic novels, only having read a couple myself. Wanting to expand my horizons, here is a list of five graphic novels that I would love to read in the near future.

  1. Through The Woods

I have heard nothing but amazing things about this book. With Halloween coming up I would love to sink my teeth into a good horror graphic novel. A lot of people have said that this is stunning and creepy which is enough to sell it to me. Really wanting to get to this soon, especially around Halloween!

2. Vincent

I love the idea of having a graphic novel as a biography of someone. This one takes us through the life and times of one of the most famous artists in the world, Vincent Van Gogh. I know very little about his life other than through his art, so I think this would be a really fun and fresh way to learn about a person’s life.

3. Saga

I know very little about this series other than people go absolutely insane about how good it is and I just want to jump straight onto that band wagon and see what all the fuss is about.

4. Marvel 1602

I adore Neil Gaiman. I adore Marvel. This combination of creative forces could only result in something absolutely exceptional. From what I understand, Gaiman has taken the essence of Marvel’s main story lines and adapted them for a 1602 historical reboot. It sounds insane, it sounds really out there, but I’m super excited to see how it pans out.

5. East of West

Another one that I know really nothing about but have heard incredible things about and really want to see what I’m missing out on. I’ve not had anything to do with the Western genre in books also so I’m interested to see how I find that aspect of this book.


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