Book Club

YES! How exciting! I have been wanting to join a book club for quite some time now, and having scoured the internet for any book clubs based in my local area I couldn’t find a thing! But that doesn’t matter now because my boyfriend and a few of our friends have started one ourselves! We are in the process of starting the club and we have each suggested a title, two of which we will read each month. This month’s choices are mine and my boyfriends! I chose You by Caroline Kepnes and my boyfriend chose The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce.

As you know if you’ve seen my previous book hauls, I already own TUPOHF, and yesterday whilst in town I happened to stumble across a copy of You in a charity shop, brand new, for TWO POUNDS! I was absolutely over the moon at this discovery. Yesterday in general was a bargain book day/just all around bookcentric day, and I’ll be posting about that a little later today.

I’m so excited to start this club, I’m around 100 pages into You, and I’m making little notes as I go along ready for when we get together to discuss the books. I’m excited to read other people’s interests as well, and I hope this club gives me to opportunity to read books that I would never usually pick myself.

I’ll post monthly blog posts about the progress our club is making and what books have been selected for the next month so watch this space!


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