Fireworks Book Tag

This is my first ever experience at one of these kinds of tags/posts! Thank you ever so much to Tash for tagging me. So…here goes nothing!

Screamers: A book that made you want to scream! (In a good or bad way)

This book! ARRRRGH. I read Wuthering Heights recently as part of my pre-reading list for my second year of university. I really enjoyed the story as a whole, but the characters…they literally made me want to scream the house down. They are so deplorable and detestable. They whine, they moan, they do a ridiculous amount of stupid stuff, all in all they’re not likable people to say the least! I found myself screaming ‘SHUT UP CATHY’ in my head at almost every page turn.

Bombers: A book that you read before it “exploded” in the book community

When I was maybe eight, or nine (in around 1999) I found this book in the school library. I didn’t know it was part of a series, I didn’t know it was remotely well known, which it wasn’t really at the time. I literally fell in love with it. My grandmother bought me the first one after I told her about it and thus began my life long obsession with the Harry Potter series.

Banger: A banned book you read

I read American Psycho at the begging of last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was the first book I’d ever read from an antagonist’s point of view, and it the most graphic book I have read to date. I loved the journey through the eyes of this sadistic killer, it was a refreshing change from what I’m used to.

Peony: A book/author you think everyone needs to read

This is the first book I owned by Jonas Jonasson, and I came upon it completely by accident. I absolutely adored this book. Jonasson’s writing is absolutely beautiful, his wit and style are unlike anything I’ve read before. I plan on reading The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden within the next few weeks and I’m sure I’ll love that one just as much.

Crossette: A book/series with a complicated plot

This is another book/series which I absolutely love. It is by far the most complicated thing I have read, with plot twists and computer hacking and detective work, but that is what makes me love it so.

Diadem: A book/series with a set of amazing central characters

 This book is one of my all time favorites (you can find my review of it somewhere on my blog, I’d link it but I’m a noob). I am forever in love with the young unnamed boy and his companion Lettie Hempstock, they are wonderfully written and I adore every part of this book. An all time favorite of mine.

Once again, thank you to Tash for the tag, I haven’t really gotten to know many others on here so I’ll leave the tagging others part for another time, when I’m less lonely haha.


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