July Book Haul – My First Ever Book Haul

This month I have been truly blessed. my beautiful boyfriend won some Amazon vouchers at work, and guess what, he let me buy an absolute ton of books with them!  I have bought some that I have been wanted to get for a long time, and others that I chose as spur of the moment purchases, just books that looked and sounded really interesting. Sorry about the awful photo quality, blame my iPhone for that! For cover pictures I’ll just take ones from Amazon, rather than strain your eyes! So here it goes, I’m not 100% on how to even do a book haul, but we’re about to give it a shot!

1. A Clash of Kings – George R.R. Martin

The second installment of the Song of Ice and Fire series, A Clash of Kings needs no introduction really. Following from the events of A Game of Thrones, we are taken through the fantasy world of Westeros through the eyes of each of the main characters. I really love the format of these books, the POV chapters really give you a sense of each of the individual characters and what the story is like from their perspective. I’m very much looking forward to reading this and continuing through the series as a whole!

2. A Storm of Swords 1: Steel and Snow – George R.R. Martin

Pretty much as above really. This is the third installment of the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. These books are pretty lengthy, #2 is over 900 pages, so I’m probably going to read a couple of books in between each book in the series, other wise I’d never get through all of these books! I’m looking forward to working my way through this series and hope to be done with them by the time the final book is released. I have watched the TV show, so I have pretty much ruined the main plot lines for myself, but that in no way takes away from the pleasure of reading the novels.

3. Good Omens – Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

This is the second Neil Gaiman book I have purchased and the FIRST Terry Pratchett book. I have always been a fan of the films inspired by Gaiman’s work, and read The Ocean at the End of the Lane last year which become one of my favorite books I’ve ever read! I’m shocked at myself at not having picked up a Pratchett book but who knows, maybe after this I’ll look at some of his solo work. From what I can gather, this novel is about the prediction of Judgement Day, and certain angels and demons trying to top this from happening. It looks like it’ll be a lot of fun and I cannot wait to see what this collaboration brings.

4. Life on Air – David Attenborough

I have been a David Attenborough fan ever since I watched his documentaries as a child, so it was only natural for me to be drawn to Life on Air, his autobiography. This book chronicles his life from his time at Cambridge university and the Royal Navy, to working for the BBC as one of the worlds best renowned natural history documentary makers. This is one of the very few autobiographies that I have been excited to read, up until now I’ve read only The Diary of Anne Frank, so it’ll be interesting to see how I find this one. VERY big fan and I’m very much looking forward to reading this one.

5. Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel

This is one of the books I bought purely on a whim. I’ve seen a couple of posts about this on Youtube/Booktube so I thought I would give it a go. From what I gather it is about the collapse of society due to a disease outbreak and it goes through the tale of a young actress and her life throughout and after the outbreak. I haven’t looked into it too much as some books I like to go into blind and just find out as I’m reading it. This is my first experience of a Emily St. John Mandel book, but I’ve heard very good things about her work so I am really excited to see what this book turns out to be like.

6. A Darker Shade of Magic – V.E. Schwab

This is another book I bought purely because of the reviews I have seen on YouTube. I have heard so many good things about V.E. Schwab’s work, and I’m a sucker for anything mythical and magical. I think this is about someone who can travel between alternative realities of London, which have various degrees of magic, all of which have different views of magic and the people who should be allowed to use it? I might be completely off the mark but this is another book I’m going to go into pretty blind and see what all the hype is about. London and magic, what more could a guy ask for in a novel?!

7. The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton

The Miniaturist is a book that I have seen everywhere recently, but I never actually picked it up and had a look at. I haven’t read or seen much about this book, but I know that it is meant to be one of the best releases of the year. Another one I’m going into blind but what I can gather from the blurb is that it follows the secret lives behind the doors of a wealthy household in Amsterdam, possibly told from the point of view of a new bride who has recently married into the family who owns the grand home. Yet another one I’m going into blind (are we seeing a pattern here?) but I’m expecting great things from this one.

I’ll finish this haul off tomorrow probably, WordPress isn’t being on its best behavior so for the sake of my sanity I’ll have to leave it here.


4 thoughts on “July Book Haul – My First Ever Book Haul

  1. Off of your list (for today at least), I’ve only read Station Eleven, but I LOVED it. Absolutely amazing. Everyone who has borrowed if from me has loved it too, so I hope you feel the same!

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  2. I’ll be interested to see what you think of Station Eleven, which isn’t a genre I typically read.My other half read it and said (on my blog), “All in all, Station Eleven is one of the best post-apocalyptic books out there, and one of the best recently published books I’ve read.” It was one of the books on the Oyster Review’s best 100 books of the decade (I’m not a huge fan of those kinds of lists, but my husband has selected a couple of books from it).

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    1. nathannnnnjames

      I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about Station Eleven, and it’s not a book I’d usually go for so I’ll let you know how I find it


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