Help a Newbie Out?

I’m looking for suggestions/tips on how to find other book blogs and the like to follow on WordPress. I am very new to the site, so still finding my feet, but I’d love some suggestions on who to follow, what pages are good, any communities I might be interested in..things like that.

Please comment and let me know any suggestions guys.


10 thoughts on “Help a Newbie Out?

  1. I think a good place to start is by searching for tags you like them starting to read ones that look good to you. If you spend some time each day doing that, you’ll quickly find some blogs that appeal to you good luck!


      1. That’s how I started. Once you’ve found a few you like, you can then also see which blogs they follow or who comments on posts you like, etc. WordPress also highlights some of the bigger blogs in each category so you can also start there.


      2. nathannnnnjames

        Brilliant, thank you for the advice, and I’m happy you commented because it meant finding you blog also! Bonus! Now I know how to go about following people, I need to start thinking about what to post on my own blog haha.

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  2. On your reader page when you log into wordpress, type in ‘book’ in the tag section on your left. A list of blogs will appear. You can also try ‘book blog. You’ll definitely the whole book blogging community there 🙂

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  3. If you are interested on somebody’s thoughts on particular books (something you plan to read or did read already), you can search the author or the book title. Also there are the section “Recommended blogs” and there under “Book” you can check out, if something’s good for you. Cheers!


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