Hi Guys.

I am very new to wordpress, and blogging in general (if we don’t include a number of tumblrs in the past full of Game of Thrones gifs and hilarious vines). I have chosen to start this blog as a platform to post book reviews and other things that might crop up along the way. I am currently studying for an English Literature & Language degree and I feel like having this blog will be an interesting journey to chronicle the books I read for that, and also what books I read in my spare time purely for pleasure.

I am looking forward to discovering what the world of wordpress offers with regards to book lovers and other book blogs, and no doubt I will be following tons of them throughout my blogging journey.

I hope to post my first review very soon, and to maybe post some other things I have in mind too.

Until then, happy reading!


6 thoughts on “Hi Guys.

  1. Welcome to the book blogging community! It’s good to hear someone else going to school for English Lit. I have a Bachelor Degree in English – Creative Writing. Most of the book that I read for my literature classes were amazing and taught me so much! Good luck on your journey!

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    1. nathannnnnjames

      Thank you so much, and hello fellow student! Yeah I too am really enjoying some of the books I need to read for my course, some amazing ones I would have never read otherwise.

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