Game of Thrones – 25% so far

So far I have read a quarter of A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, the first book in the world famous A Song of Ice and Fire series. I am absolutely obsessed with this book, I absolutely love the detail and the character point-of-view element makes me love it even more.

Having watched all five series of the TV adaptation Game of Thrones, I was quite reluctant to start reading the 800+ page epic fantasy, but now I’m so glad I have. Having the TV show as a reference point really helps me to follow how all the characters are and their relationships with one another, because trust me, there are ALOT of characters in this book. Although watching the TV show has obviously given me HUGE plot spoilers, that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of reading this book at all.

I won’t rant too much about it, it’ll probably take me a week or so to finish due to work and uni reading on top of it but I’ll be posting a full review once I’ve finished reading it.

In the mean time I might review a couple of the books I have been reading for my next module for uni that starts in October, the pre-reading list for this module is HUGE so hopefully I’ll be able to get some reviews posted from those as well.

Very much looking forward to reading the rest f A Game of Thrones and the whole A Song of Ice and Fire series! I’ll keep posting my thoughts as I go along and like I said before, I’ll post a big ass review when I’m done.

See you soon guys!


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